Turkey - 

Southern Anatolia

Southeastern Turkey is the northern extension of the Syrian plain (map), which means it's hot and flat.

Unlike most of Eastern Turkey, the southeast is not mountainous, but rather an arid plateau at around 600 meters (2000 feet) elevation. The region is more or less bounded by those great historic rivers, the Tigris (Dicle) to the east and the Euphrates (Fırat) to the west (maps). Many of the people here are Turkish citizens of Kurdish descent.

The region was a crossroads of civilizations in Biblical times, and even earlier. The Patriarch Abraham lived for a time in Harran, south of Şanlıurfa.

In this region, through these galleries, I will bring you to the Mesopotamia Plain of Mardin, Superb stone houses of Midyat, Dara Mesopotamia Ruins and the Hasankeyf.

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