Frederiksborg Castle is beautifully situated on three small islets in the Castle Lake in Hillerød. Within the castle’s walls there are major cultural attractions for the whole family, while the highly picturesque setting is perfect for peaceful walks in the gardens and boat trips.

Frederiksborg Castle was built by King Christian IV in the early decades of the 17th century and is the largest Renaissance complex in the Nordic region. The aim of the building was to show off and enhance Christian IV’s status as a powerful European monarch. Accordingly the castle is richly adorned with symbolic and decorative elements: for example, the impressive Neptune Fountain and the Marble Gallery of the King’s Wing.


Designed by Adrien de Vries, the Neptune fountain is considered to be the castle's sculptural masterpiece. It was created from 1620 to 1622 to stand on the castle's forecourt symbolizing Denmark's position as a leading Nordic power in the early 17th century. The large bronze figures were cast in Prague where de Vries was employed as a sculptor by the imperial palace. Symbolizing the Danish king, the sea god Neptune is the central figure, while tritons piping their seashells decorate the outer basin


The room on the ground floor in the King's Wing known as the Rose was originally a dining room for the king and his courtiers

500 Years of Danish history:

The history of Denmark is told through portraits, history paintings, furniture and applied art. Along the way visitors encounter people and events that helped shape the history of the country from the Late Middle Ages to the 21st century. You get a very clear sense of how life went on in the historic rooms.

Audience Chamber:

This room was decorated by Christian V's master builder Lambert van Haven in the 1680s, combining the Renaissance style with Baroque. He had himself brought the paintings in adjoining Privy Passage (Conseilgangen) back from Italy. His work was completed in 1688, making the Audience Chamber the oldest preserved Baroque room in Denmark.

Great Hall