Christiansborg are castles built on top of castles. Here, Danish kings lived, and here you can discover a collection of art by some of the most famous artists of all time as well as the Royal Stables and much more.

It is much more than parliamentary debates and political sections. The palace in the middle of Copenhagen tells a nearly 1000 year old story and invites its visitor inside the royal apartments.

Christiansborg Slot is home to Folketinget (the Danish parliament), the Prime Minister's office and the Supreme Court. Visitor highlights include the glorious royal reception rooms, 11th-century ruins and royal kitchen, all of which can be visited separately

The Queen's Tapestries at Christiansborg Palace

The Queen's Tapestries at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen are a gift from the Danish business industry to Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II on her 50th birthday in 1990.

The 11 tapestries are from Le Mobilier National et les Manufactures Nationales de Gobelins et de Beauvais in Paris - commonly referred to as les Gobelins.

It took quite some time to make the tapestries, to be exact 10 years, so on the occasion of the Queen's 60th birthday, the tapestries were finally hung in their rightful home: the Great Hall in Christiansborg Palace, which has been specially restored for the purpose.



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