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" I always believe there is always something beautiful to find in different places, and in meeting different people...

I wasn't wrong, because through my love and passion for Photography and Traveling, I found beauty everywhere, unique on its own."


"Hi Guys! I'm Maria, a nine-to-fiver with passion to Travel and Photography. I was born in the Philippines and currently residing in New Zealand.

I work as Accounts Administrator (applying what I learned in University in Business Administration and Accounting).

But I know deep in my heart, I have a calling. I know that I need to do something different in my life, the realization that there is more to it than the four corners of my office. So I started booking flights, and used all my Annual leaves if I can. This open the doors for traveling more.

So when did Photography came in?

Life hit me harder one time. I suffered from Mild Depression.

Taking Photos became my medicine, my camera became my confidant, the images I took became the words that I can't express. Then my Love for Photography started there.

Photography and Travel! these two saved my life.

With this love and passion, it took me to different places and found beauty in every corner of the world...

And I want to share it with you...

Exhibitions / Partnership


A Mongolian Tourism Travel Exhibition in Ulanbataar, Mongolia


Participated in Get Your Guide Christmas Campaign - "Why Experiences is more important than presents."

Content Creator for OPPO New Zealand

2019 - Present

2019 - Present

Collaboration with Travolution Travel, Chile

- an organization that seeks to foster local sustainable development through community tourism.

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